Poster Printing San Diego

Printing on 5th Avenue is proud to announce our LOCAL San Diego Poster Printing service from our Hillcrest location. We offer three grades of printing & mounting options for your event needs.

LOW COST OPTION: Posters on our KIP Printer which prints a 36 roll for posters 24 x 36. We make engineering prints on 20# paper and Graphic / photos on 32# laser paper. We can mount your posters on foam core board so they can stand upright. Perfect for a One Day Event seen from a short Distance. Indoor Use ONLY. 24-48 hour service.

MEDIUM GRADE POSTER: Poster printing on 10 pt. Photo paper from 13 x 19 to 20 x 30 inches from our Epson Photo Inkjet. Also available to mount on White or Black Foam core. This is a higher quality option and can be reused since they have a glossy finish. Indoor use ONLY. 48-36 hour service in most cases.

HIGH QUALITY POSTER / SIGN: Poster printing directly on 3 mil or 10 mil PVC plastic board. These can be used Indoors or Outdoors. They cost more but can be reused several times. They are scratch and water resistant and have UV protection. This process takes 3-5 days from a ready Hi-Res PDF.

Our prices are way less than going to Office Depot or FedEx Kinkos. Better service from a LOCAL Printshop in San Diego, Printing on Fifth Avenue in Hillcrest. We offer FREE Local Delivery for Poster Orders over $100.00