Green Printing?

November 6, 2009 12:39 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Printing on 5th can print your job on recycled paper however, we do not encourage it. We are all for helping our impact on our Earth by using waste set up sheets when setting up the press, and not printing EVERY email we get on paper, but we don’t encourage using recycled paper all the time. When a Paper Mill sorts and recycles pre-printed paper, the chemicals used to break down inks and papers are more harmful to the air quality than just using natural fibers from trees. We also don’t buy in to the hype that is Man Made Global Warming that Al Gore has been pushing the last 5 years.
We will and do recycle everything we can here at Printing on 5th when at all possible. We just don’t need the Government to hold a gun at our heads while wanting us to do so. Recycled paper and printing also costs more since the paper is more, usually around 20% more, and GREEN printing inks cost 50% more to use and really don’t dry for months so you can’t run them through a copier without problems.


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